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The Federation of St Edmund's and St Joseph's Catholic Primary Schools

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

  • Ambitious
  • Confident
  • Inquisitive
  • Collaborative
  • Resilient
  • Respectful
  • Motivated
  • Independent
  • Resourceful
  • Faithful


Executive Headteacher


Mrs M Kemble




Head of School

Mrs AM Price



School Business Manager


Office Manager   


School Administrator


Mrs J Herlihy


Mrs M Squirrell


Mrs L Patrick


 Teaching Staff

Miss K Robinson

Mrs M Ponsford

Mrs S Duchesne

Mrs E Ruane

Miss H Hamilton

Miss G Bates

Mr A Leighton- Scott

Mrs L Gudgin

Miss A Mortimer

Early Years (Noah)

Moses (Year 1)


Elijah (year 2)

Solomon (Year 4)

Jonah (Year 5)

Samson (Year 6)

Senco (& Year 3)

Abraham (Year 3)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs A Mumford

Mrs E Peacock

Mrs G Shaw

Mrs M Burke-Harding

Mrs E Eady

Miss H Hards

Mrs D Cameron

Mrs Harding-Payne





Site Manager  




ICT Technician 

Mr G Cashford


Mr L Bloomfield


Mr J Holland


Play Leaders

Mrs A Hardy Grimaldi [FT]

Mrs A Mumford [FT]

Mrs G Shaw [PT]

Miss Hards [PT]

Mrs Peacock [PT]

Miss E Mayhew [FT]

Mrs Eady [PT]

Mrs Burke Harding [PT]

Mrs Harding- Payne [PT]

Breakfast & Afterschool Club Activity Workers

Mr R Nitsche- Mon- Wed-Thurs

Mrs G Shaw

Miss Hards- Tues- Fri

Mrs Harding- Mon - Thurs

Mrs Price - Fri