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The Federation of St Edmund's and St Joseph's Catholic Primary Schools

St Edmund's Catholic Primary School

  • Ambitious
  • Confident
  • Inquisitive
  • Collaborative
  • Resilient
  • Respectful
  • Motivated
  • Independent
  • Resourceful
  • Faithful



St Edmund’s pupils are always smart and their uniform plays an important part in maintaining our ethos. It helps us to take pride in ourselves and our school.

School jumpers, cardigans, polo shirts and ties must have the school logo/colours on and must be purchased from Aubyn Davies.  All other uniform is also available from Aubyn Davies but can also be purchased from a high street store.

You can visit the Aubyn Davies website to order online at Or you can visit the shop at 81 St Johns Street, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1SQ.

Winter Uniform

Grey trousers (formal tailored – not leggings)  OR  Navy blue pleated skirt or navy blue tunic

White shirt/blouse.

Royal blue cardigan or jumper with school badge.

Royal blue and gold tie.

Black or navy blue socks or tights, or grey/white socks.

Low heeled navy or black shoes (no trainers).

Black or Navy raincoat or anorak.

Summer Uniform

White short sleeved shirt & tie  OR  White short sleeved embroidered polo shirt.

Grey shorts OR Blue and white gingham dress.

White socks.

Low heeled black/navy sandals – not open-toed or open heeled.


Black plimsolls or trainers.

White t-shirt and navy shorts skorts for yr 5& 6).

Black or navy joggers and hoodie in winter

Swimming (in year 3)               

One piece swimming costume or Swimming trunks

Swimming hat.   LARGE towel.


As above but plain white polo shirt (no logo required) instead of shirt and tie.

Exceptions to the above only at the discretion of the Headteacher.

Please ensure the children have the correct uniform including sensible shoes, (navy blue/black), trainers are not allowed in school except for PE. In the summer sandals must be closed around the toe and heel.

Please make sure children are able to fasten and unfasten all their clothing themselves. Top buttons must be done up and ties worn from Year 1 onwards. It is also helpful if hair is neat and tidy, without gel, shoulder length hair or longer must be tied back. Only plain dark clips or bobbles must be used. Hairstyles making a fashion statement (e.g tram lines, shaved) are not appropriate for school. We appreciate that in year 1, children will need help with ties etc but please practise at home so they can become independent as soon as possible.

All children need a black or navy waterproof coat with hood to wear in the playground everyday even during the summer. (Unless it is raining very heavily the children will go out to play at break and lunchtimes). Many fashion coats are unsuitable as they are not waterproof or do not have a hood.  Black or navy gilets can also be worn if required.

School bags should either be the school logo bag available from Aubyn Davies or a similar drawstring bag, rucksacks should not be brought into school.

Please ensure that all items of uniform are labelled clearly (often the ink is very faded and illegible) with name and class. Name labels can be purchased from Label Planet and if you use our reference number (35787) when purchasing the school receives commission. There is a pen in the office for emergency use. Named items will be returned to the owner and not kept in lost property. As many of you have purchased the school coats it is especially important they are labelled. Please label inside the pocket so we know where to look for names. Lost property can be found through the school office. Lost property will be displayed regularly and disposed of each half term if it is not claimed.

Children should wear PE kit to school on PE days. As the weather gets colder the children will be allowed to wear plain black or navy blue tracksuit bottoms (not fashion items) and sweatshirt for outdoor PE if they wish.

Jewellery, apart from a watch and small stud earrings, is not allowed in school. If your child wears earrings they should not wear them on PE days, including swimming. If your child does wish to have their ears pierced please can we encourage you to do this at the beginning of the Summer holidays so they can be removed for PE. Children will not be permitted to participate in PE if they are wearing earrings.